Global 2020

13 – 15 October

Join us this October at our Global 2020 conference as we gather online for worship, prayer, learning and connection, and as we prepare to do more together in the future.

Global 2020 is a truly international gathering of Newfrontiers apostolic leaders and their teams from around the world.

We will really miss gathering in person this year, catching up with friends and building new connections. However, we will still gather together online over three days, with a daily session open to anyone around the world, plus smaller sessions for the apostolic fellowship and their teams.

Steve & Deb Tibbert

Steve & Deb Tibbert – Your hosts

Global 2020 is being hosted by Steve and Deb Tibbert, who are based at King’s Church London. Steve has served the Newfrontiers apostolic fellowship with a facilitating role in the UK and, going forward, will lead the Newfrontiers Together Team, with a similar facilitating role beyond the UK.

Main Sessions

So please do invite leaders from your churches to join us for our main sessions:

Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 October
2pm UK Time (Time Zone Converter)

(Available with Russian and Mandarin translation)

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Mark Sayers

Mark Sayers – Guest speaker

At each Global conference, we invite a guest speaker to bring a message that will inspire, challenge and equip us. This year, we are excited to welcome Mark Sayers, from Melbourne, Australia. He has a passion for spiritual renewal and the future of the church. We will be interviewing him on Tuesday 13th and Mark will be sharing a message on Wednesday 14th.

David Devenish

David Devenish – Speaker

David Devenish will be speaking on Thursday 15th. He has led the Newfrontiers Together Team since 2012 and for the last two decades has worked primarily in the Russian-speaking world and overseeing the planting of many churches in the part of the world know as the 10/40 window. David is an expert in cultural and contextualisation issues.

New Book

His newest book, Succession or Multiplication? – Transitioning a Movement to Next Generation Leadership, is being released during the conference. (more below)

Joining the sessions

How do I join the sessions?

The links for each day’s session(s) will be available via this page, so bookmark it and come back on the day.


The three ‘open-to-all’ sessions will be available in English and also with Russian and Mandarin translation. These will play in a normal web browser.

Transition Moment

The transition moment will take place via a Zoom webinar.

David Devenish and Steve Tibbert

An important transition moment

This year’s conference is significant because it marks the leadership transition from David Devenish, who has led the Newfrontiers Together Team for the past nine years, to Steve Tibbert, who will now take on leading this team.

The Newfrontiers Together Team serves the Newfrontiers apostolic leaders as they partner together on global mission through collaboration, interdependence and mutual accountability.

Open to all – who can you invite?

Open to all – who can you invite?

Meeting online has brought some unexpected opportunities. More of our church leaders and teams will be able to be involved in the conference, and we have decided to open some of the sessions for anyone to join and be involved with us as we look to do more together.

Succession or Multiplication?

Succession or Multiplication?

David Devenish’s latest book, which is being released during Global 2020, tells the story of how Newfrontiers tackled this challenge, and how we have successfully transitioned to next-generation leadership.


Tuesday 13 October

Interview with Mark Sayers

Links available on 13 October

In English, Russian and Mandarin

Wednesday 14 October


UK Time (Time Zone Converter)

Mark Sayers speaking

  • Welcome by Steve & Deb Tibbert
  • Worship
  • Focus on Mercy Ministry
  • Message by Mark Sayers

Links available on 14 October

In English, Russian and Mandarin

Thursday 15 October


UK Time (Time Zone Converter)

David Devenish speaking

  • Welcome by Steve & Deb Tibbert
  • Focus on Church Planting
  • Talk by David Devenish

Links available on 15 October

In English, Russian and Mandarin